Powering Business Resilience

Global organizations are facing ‘new’ workplace challenges.

Here are some resources we hope can help

The world of work is being profoundly affected by global forces.

Organizations, just like yours and Trimble, are asking questions on the challenges facing real estate strategy and decision making.

"Are we ready to return our organization to the office?"

"Do we have the right tools and resources to plan our space and address the ‘new’ needs of the workforce?"

Our series of recorded webinars and articles provide industry thought leadership and technology guidance across a number of topics related to the 'new normal’, continuous improvement, and future readiness.

We would like to thank our industry friends at Verum Consulting, Deloitte, Royal Bank of Canada, Commonwealth of Virginia, Morgan Stanley, HOK, ROI Consulting and our resident writer Nancy Sanquist, IFMA Fellow, for helping with our latest series of real estate and workplace content.

Vik Bangia

Verum Consulting, LLC

CEO and Founder

Murad Bhatti

Royal Bank of Canada

Senior Director, Technology,

BI and CIM

Nestor Rindone

Morgan Stanley

Vice President

Simon Blenkiron

Trimble Real Estate

Global Partner Director

Technology Solutions

Francisco Acoba

Deloitte Real Estate

Managing Director

Holly Law Eve

Commonwealth of Virginia CCIM, Director

Suresh Sundaram

Trimble Real Estate

General Manager

Craig Gillespie

Trimble Real Estate


Explore our ‘Powering Business Resilience’ Webinars

Exploring the link between Truth and Data

Vik Bangia, Verum Consulting

Join Vik Bangia, an award-winning inspirational speaker, as he explores the link between truth and data in the 'new' workplace and its impact on strategic decision-making.

‘New’ Workplace Data Challenges - What keeps CRE Leaders up at Night

Vik Bangia, Deloitte, RBC, CoV, Morgan Stanley and Trimble

Hear directly from real estate leaders on the front-line and how they are planning for changes in a post pandemic world.

Sustainable Strategies using Technology for the 'New' Normal


Join Trimble for a special product launch and the role of technology innovation in addressing the challenges of planning and managing your post-pandemic workplace.

The Journey to Transform the Workplace

Deloitte and Trimble

Join Deloitte and Trimble to explore the new challenges facing Real Estate, and learn about the Work + Place Framework (How Talent, Technology, Places and Spaces enable companies to do work), and what to consider as organizations return to work.

The ‘New’ Workplace and how Data can play a role in Occupancy and Design

HOK and Trimble

Data is a critical factor in developing effective workplace strategies. Join HOK and Trimble in this session for recommendations on immediate and future considerations for workplace planning and design.

Continuity for Business Critical Sites: Maintaining Physical Distancing

ROI Consulting and Trimble

Join ROI Consulting and Trimble for the results of our ‘business continuity’ survey and valuable advice on how IWMS software can support your pandemic planning from distancing to cleaning.

“We are thrilled to team with Trimble to help companies who are looking for a solution to optimize their real estate portfolios and leverage the technology to enable their return-to-the-office initiatives.”

Francisco J. Acoba

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Managing Director for Real Estate Transformation and Technology

Explore our ‘Powering Business Resilience’ Articles

The Critical Role of Technology During the Hammer and Preparing for the Dance in the Workplace of the ‘New Normal’

New Trimble ManhattanONE Cloud Software Suite Provides Greater Control and Visibility of Real Estate Portfolios and Financials

Phase 1 Respond: The Dance Steps Required Today Before we Return to the Workplace

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Do you have the right tools and resources to plan your space and address the ‘new’ needs of the workforce? Let technology be the enabler.

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